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dreaming of creating that first Album or Single?

Music City Collective exists to serve artists and musicians just like you. Whether it be song development, recording, arranging, pre-production, or full band recording, we are here to provide the best ways for you to get your art and music out to the world.


We strive to help artists every step of the way from the first moment you start creating your song to the last stop on your tour. We value providing the best tools and resources we have to offer so you can get your music heard.


We value helping you grow your “Village” by providing a team of experts to assist with various parts of the music industry so you can focus on creating great songs and developing as an artist!


Production is essential! Producing music is an essential element to making your music come alive. We have been doing this for over 25 years with a proven track record of over 30 million units sold, 7 Grammy nominations, 26 Dove nominations, and over 50 Top 20 songs!


Better songs? Placement in Films and TV? Our approach is different… every project is a marketing plan, every lyric has a story, and every song has a journey. We have partners to help you in all of those areas, and a 3-5 day system of building your songs into something worthwhile whether you are the artist or the tunesmith.

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Music programs for junior high, high school, and college students offer tremendous value to students and to the heartbeat of their school. The value these students can make will have a lifelong impact on them and their schools. Billy is joined by successful musicians from Nashville to LA to help you and your students inspire their school community.


This could very well be the most difficult piece of the puzzle to figure out, but sometimes the most exhilarating! Your music needs to be heard and seen by the world, so at Music City Collective we strive to help you find booking to make this possible.



Music City Collective

Music City Collective, led by 5-time Grammy nominated writer and producer, Billy Smiley, can help you, your songs, and your artistry. Billy is joined by a multitude of successful music industry professionals, entrepreneurs, consultants, engineers, mixers, programmers, songwriters, and musicians from Nashville to LA to help you and inspire you to pursue your dreams.

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